WIRE - Women In Real Estate Conference 2022

If you are a license holder, realtor or broker, you should participate in this annual event hosted by the National Association Realtor, NAR, in Florida, this year was held in the Marriot Resort in Sanibel, FL, it was a vibrant event full of energy and encouragement, the speakers and panelist provided practical advises to pick perform and this was an excellent opportunity to get inspired by amazing stories and over all a must attend event where you will not only learn from experts in the industry but also have fun!

My take away from this event:

  • Dream small, start with making one friend and take it seriously, also how to get to the stage of learning : unconscious competence, where you can learn on auto pilot by Liz Bohannon ( I also recommend her book Beginners Pluck).
  • How to be determined and get out of the state of doubt...use more the exclamation point instead the interrogation ...I THINK I CAN! .
  • How to elevate humanity and have an intentional conversation, reclaim responsibility, get a good CPA, good lawyer and a good MENTOR, by Jess PEttit.
  • I was able to find out my why, and why I am doing what I am doing, why this is important to me.
  • How to OWN IT, seeking peace, being in a state of calm and relaxation, how to take time for myself and avoid anxiety, don't be too hard on yourself, get some time for recreation and to enjoy life with your loved ones, don't react, stay calm, breath.
  • Believe in your passion, have a conviction, become the person you seek and visualize without fear, to take a chance and do the thing that you are most afraid of by taking action, develop strength by improving your skills.
  • And finally, have fun in the process, you will encounter challenges, but remember, NOBODY WILL DIE! :)