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Are people afraid to buy???

This stats of Growth will help you educate your potential buyers that are hesitating on making a real estate purchase.

Today I attended a wonderful event, at the beautiful Grandezza club house in Bonita Spring-Estero association, It was also a membership breakfast where I took my oath as a Realtor and received my pin!

This was really a very significant moment for me since I promised to work with ethic and honesty and to put my customers interest first always, I really felt very welcomed, I was surrounded by very friendly people and smiling faces, aside of the delicious breakfast and pantries, I enjoyed the conversation and jokes of my fellow realtor friends sitted in my table.

But this article is not only to share my oath as a realtor, but to share with you the information they share with all of us, which I find it very interesting and helpful,  presented by David Farmer from Metro Forecasting.

he has over 25 years of experience in planning, land development and data analysis, and even he shared a lot of valuable information on not just residential but also commercial and Industrial, I will be sharing the residential data overview, but there's a file you can download to see the whole information in more detail.

As always, if you find this information valuable please share with other realtors, and comment, also subscribe!


Dalia Alvarado